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To listen to any of the realaudio songs on this site you must have Realplayer installed on your computer .. To download RealplayerG2 FREE click here 

Jigsaw Puzzle - The name says it all !!!  Put the pieces together to assemble the picture of that famous Egyptian Singer
Memorize it - there are 12 sets of photos for famous Egyptian singers .. try to find two matching ones until you find them all .. remember you are being timed .. have fun !!!!         
Slide puzzle - At one time or another, we all played this simple game .. now try it with a famous Egyptian singer for a change .. scramble the picture and try to put it back together .. 
Play it Again  - find  the artist in you ..  use this xylophone to conduct your own notes and play it back to listen to your work of art

So simply .. have fun !!!!!

(Most of these features are  Java .. please be patient until it loads)

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