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Egyptians have finally reclaimed their country! 


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To each and every Egyptian out there .. here is our collection of Patriotic Arabic songs in full length .. sing with us for our beloved country "Egypt"

Um Kulthoum 

Abdel Halim Hafez 


Farid El Atrash

El Watten El Akbar - El Magmoua'a
Oum Ya Massry - Sayed Darwish
Ahy Amet Masr - Mohamed Mounir
Masr Aadet - Fairuz

This section will only contain songs for and about Egypt .. If you are aware of any song that should be in this section, just let us know


Patriots Only

If you are an Egyptian living abroad for say the past ten, twenty or thirty years, you probably have a mixture of emotions .. and just a memory to hang on to .. we have put together a video containing some events, people and most importantly our Egypt.  This video should not be portrayed as a support from us to any particular leader or political views .. it is simply pieces of our history.  Let's put any differences aside and just remember our country.  click here

Mohamed Abdel Wahab

Nashid El Gehad
Nashid El Horreya
Nashid El Wady
Nashid El Qasam
Oulou L Masr
Saa'et El Gedd
Sawaed Men Belady
Sout El Gamahier
Taheyat El Alem
Taht El Qanabel
Teslem Ya Ghaly
Ya Belady
Ya Gamal El Nour
Ya Ilahy
Ya Masr
Ya Nesmet El Horreya
Ya Rafea El Tag
Ya Masr Tem El Hana
Zawed Gaish Awtanek

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Video Presentation by The Egyptian Castle
El Wattan El Akbar
El Helm El Araby
Ya Wattany

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