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The Egyptian Castle Chat Room


Invite a friend and get together right here at The Egyptian Castle Chat Room.. It doesn't matter where you are in the World anymore .. take the chance to know more about other Egyptians out there...

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Cairo, EGYPT













We have created this site to serve ALL EGYPTIANS AND ARABS around the world.. We have and will continue to maintain a high standard for anything displayed on this site. Therefore we would ask you kindly to use discretion in the choice of words you use .. Though we strongly believe in free speech, we have an obligation to protect our viewers from being exposed to any improper words, phrases or anything that might offend anyone... we will monitor from time to time how this chat room is being handled and we will make every  possible effort to keep it clean.. so please help us to maintain it that way.. we thank you for your support...To give us your feedback, report any abuse, please click here

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