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Nahed Elbanhawy
Founder & Editor
The Egyptian Castle - since 1997





Travel Agent from Hell:

Mohamed Elsherbini - President King Tut Tours, Inc. 39039 Paseo Padre Pkwy. #206 Fremont, CA 94538 also President AlHoda Hajj Group at the same location











A Travel Agent from Hell:   Based on my own personal experience, this travel agency and it's Owner/President "Mohamed Elsherbini" is to be avoided at all cost.

So there would be no doubt to whom I am referring to, a copy of this agency's President business card is on your left, click on it for a larger image.  

My trip through this agency was for Hajj with a stop in Egypt before and after performing Hajj.   This individual has been living and working as a travel agent in the USA, as far as I know, for at least 17 years, yet seems to have never forgotten the Egyptian way to dupe customers with slick, unrealistic promises.   I was listening to him as if I was talking to someone in Egypt sitting on a street shoulder, trying to sell you the pyramids as if it was his own, swearing to you on his own Hajj that you are getting a good deal.

I have to admit that I have been had and should have sensed right away, the minute I met Mohamed El Sherbini,  that he is one of those people that simply cannot be trusted or depended on.  "A used car salesman", is an expression used here often referring to a person as someone lacking integrity and honesty.   The way I see it and having had the experience dealing with Mohamed Elsherbini, calling him a used car salesman would simply be complimenting him.  

You ask a simple question, hoping you would get a simple answer, yet he goes on for half an hour talking, leaving you wondering what did he just say??  Did he even answer my question??

I could easily write a whole book about this unpleasant encounter, but simply do not have the time to waste on such an individual.  For you who do not have the time to read the details, my highlights are below, however if you would like to read more about the full story and my personal experience with this incompetent Travel Agent, click here.   

- First impression, Mohamed Elshirbini gives you a lecture on his endless experience for Hajj Trips
-The minute, he gets your money, his attitude changes completely.
- No communication or information about anything
- When you pressure him for information, you get a series of lies
- Hours before my flight departure, I still did not have any information as to where I was staying or when I was leaving.
- I paid almost $6,000 for the full trip, yet I was asked in Egypt by his accomplices "Grand Egypt Travel" to pay another L.E. 4,150.00 on the spot, otherwise I will not get my tickets to Saudi Arabia
- The Travel Agent in Egypt implied that I was scammed, as Mohamed Elshirbini never paid them and in turn they cannot give me my tickets unless I pay.
Not willing to jeopardize my Hajj, I paid them the L.E. 4,150.00
- After paying it and days of unease, they refunded me the L.E.4,150.00
- Our flight from Egypt to Saudi Arabia was nothing but a disaster as there was no reservation, no representative and no service, where we had to make our own reservation right there but only for the following day.
As I was traveling with a Non-Egyptian passport, I was informed in Saudia Arabia's airport that I will be among the foreign group camp and NOT the Egyptian camp
- Somehow, Mohamed Elsherbini knew how to break the Saudi's law and my group "the foreigners" ended up in the Egyptian Camp and that was another embarrassing experience
- The Travel arrangement from the USA was to include a plan flight within cities in Saudi Arabia, but again somehow, we ended up taking a bus ride instead of a plane.
- Mohamed Elsherbini was to be our guide during the Hajj trip, but he always managed to show up for couple of minutes and disappears for days after dumping us in an inadequate camp with inadequate food or service.
-A badge with our name, hotel names where we would be staying in different cities in Saudi Arabia was our guide,  but we always had to struggle to find out where we were staying.
- Hotels on our badges identifying our stay, were not accurate and we were told by the Hotel management that they do not have any reservation for us and never heard of this agency.  We were most of the time stuck on a bus, with a driver who did not speak Arabic, English or any familiar language.  He spoke Turkish! and of course, Mohamed Elsherbini was as always nowhere to be found. 
-He abandoned our group in front of the wrong terminal in Saudi Arabia on our way back, leaving us on our own driving for over 45 minutes to find the right terminal

I promised Mohamed Elsherbini that I will expose him to the World and warn others about his incompetence.  (Ella Hel Balaghet, Allahom F'Ash-hed)    

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