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Nahed Elbanhawy
Founder & Editor
The Egyptian Castle - since 1997

A Travel Agent from Hell:   Based on my own personal experience, this travel agency and it's Owner/President "Mohamed Elsherbini" is to be avoided at all cost.

These are the details of this unpleasant experience with Mohamed Elsherbini, President of "King Tut Tours Inc."  also President of  "AlHoda Hajj Group".

My plan was to go for Hajj and visit Egypt for few days before and after my Hajj Trip. A search on the internet, brought up several agencies, where I decided to choose one close to where I live.  

Mohamed Elsherbini tried very hard to give me the impression that he had an endless experience in arranging for Hajj trip - He guaranteed everything to go just perfect and he would do everything for me as my word is just like a sword on his throat (these were his own words ...I guess this is an Egyptian expression meaning whatever you demand as a customer is just an order for him to obey).  Wow, for me that was the first time in years to hear someone using these kinds of expressions and should have triggered some suspicion, but at the time, I was simply too trusting.

Deposit was paid to Mohamed Elshirbini  months in advance with the full payment of almost US$6,000 long before anything was finalized, hoping that this would show a sign of trust on my part that will push for things to go the right way.  On the contrary, the minute he got my money, a complete change of attitude was noticeable.   Absolutely no information or details on anything including the Saudi visa, he is responsible to obtain for me.  A series of lies, while still swearing on his own Hajj, were just the common method of dealing with him.  Every time you catch one of his lies, he gets very defensive and cries you are "interrogating me".

Hours, before my flight, he tried to sell me a higher package that was as per his words $3,000 extra, but just for me he was willing to give it to me for only $1,500 extra.  Didn't I tell you "A used car salesman" is a compliment to such an individual!!



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