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Nahed Elbanhawy
Founder & Editor
The Egyptian Castle - since 1997

Once I arrived to Egypt, I was to contact their agent in Egypt to get my ticket to Saudi Arabia.    Knowing that I paid for everything in full before I left the USA, I thought there should be no problem, yet I was a little anxious to make sure I had the ticket in my hands ahead of time.   This agency in Egypt "Grand Egypt Travel" located in Hiliopolis - 45 El Hegaz Street is owned by Magdy El Hawary & his wife Dr. Salwa.  I am not too sure what is she a doctor of, whatever it is she is now a travel agent.. and if I may say so, yet another incompetent, deceiving and lying travel Agent and I will go into details to show what I mean a little later.    

This Dr. Salwa said that the tickets were being arranged but not ready yet.  She will be traveling to Saudi Arabia to accompany an Egyptian Hajj group and I can contact another person there in a couple of days to get my tickets.  Couple of days later, I called to make sure the tickets were there and I got the green light .. so I rushed to their office in "Heliopolis" coming from Madinet El Mohandessien" ... If you are not familiar with these cities, it is about at least 1 - 1 1/2 hour drive.  I arrived at their office to learn that whoever told me that the tickets were ready was wrong and that there were no tickets!!  

The tickets could not be issued, because they were not paid for. His exact words were "we have been asking  Mohamed Elsherbini  to send us the money, but he never did". My common reaction was in a form of a question, "what do you mean he did not pay for the ticket, are you saying he scammed us?" The answer was, I don't know go ask him if you can find him. He is already in Madinah and we have been calling his "mobile" no answer, his office in the USA also has only an answering machine.

With our plane, scheduled for departure the following day, he insisted that we can only get the ticket, if we pay for them right there. They do not accept credit cards and LE 4,150.00 must be paid in cash. With the clock ticking and they close at 5:00 pm, I had to take a taxi to drive me home in Mohandessien to get the money, wait for me and take me back to Heliopolis before they closed.



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