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Nahed Elbanhawy
Founder & Editor
The Egyptian Castle - since 1997

Our plane To "Madinah" was scheduled for 2:30 am - it was cancelled and rebooked on another flight the following day at 5:30 pm, but no one had the decency to call us with that information and save us from going to the Airport in the middle of the night for nothing..

- At Cairo Airport, there was no representatives from the Travel agency to assist us. Standing in huge unorganized lines, you see many Travel agencies representatives, carrying dozens of passports with their tickets and going behind the counters to finalize the procedure for their customers in minutes, while we are standing there, being shuffled from one counter to another with no one willing to help.

- A woman in the same group as ours, who traveled from San Francisco and was in transit to travel on this plan, ended up crying after she found out that her wait at the airport for 5 hours did not get her on a plane as planned. She had no other choice, but to spend the night in the airport as she does not have any family in Egypt to go to. She pleaded her case to the supervisor to get her a hotel room. His answer was we are sorry, but we are an airline, if you were traveling with a reputable travel agency they should have looked after you and arranged it for you.

- Arriving in Madinah late at night and visiting "Al Haram El Nabawy" was simply a  magical feeling and a breath taking view.   I had decided to put everything behind me and enjoy this spiritual trip, I had planed for, for so long.   Unfortunately, problems started again, when my group was supposed to travel by plane, to find out that Mohamed Elsherbini simply lied to us and we were to take a bus on a very lengthy road ride.     The air-conditioning on the bus was not working, yet Mohamed Elsherbini thought he was talking to Egyptian peasants who just don't know what air conditioning is and tried to convince us that it was working, simply insulting our intelligence.    We had no choice, but to endure the very long ride to Makkah, to yet face another problem.  The incompetent "Mohamed Elsherbini" never made any hotel reservations and was scrambling to figure out what to do with our group.  We spent hours sitting on the Hotel's Lobby's floor, tired and hungry until we were able to get rooms in different hotels.  



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