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Nahed Elbanhawy
Founder & Editor
The Egyptian Castle - since 1997

King Hosni MubarakSurprise Surprise .. I am your KING for another 6 YEARS!!!!   

The 77-year-old Mubarak announced that he will  nominate himself for the presidential elections during a nationally televised speech delivered in Shibin el Kom, the capital of the Nile delta province of Menoufia, where he was born. 

Outlining his vision for a prosperous Egypt in his next term and building up on the existing DEMOCRACY currently sweeping the land.!!!!!     

Is this some kind of a joke or simply a persistent nightmare that we, Egyptians, can't wake up from!!!!   

Who are they trying to fool!!!   I have to admit that I have witnessed the wealth & prosperity in Egypt, he is referring to during my last visit, but it was not for regular Egyptians.  Corruption is the name of the game in Egypt and at all levels. Multi-millionaires have emerged under this administration as it has never before.

It boggles my mind to see someone at his age & let's say with his never color changing hair still hanging on to his golden Chair. This hungry monger individual for power still doesn't want to call it quits.   Having witnessed the assassination of his predecessor "Anwar El Sadat" he sure bought the best protection, Egyptian wealth can buy,  having survived several assassination attempts through the years. 

He still thinks he has the right to control 77 million lives and continue to bring Egypt to it's knees through growing poverty, unemployment, torture and the list goes on. 

25 years were not enough, he simply needs just 6 more!!!!  

Do we need to speculate the outcome of the next election coming up in September ?  I bet you know the result before it even starts.  Maybe this time they will make it a little bit less obvious.  So let's say 99.1% to his favor instead of the usual 99.9%

Let the whole world know, the real Tyrant was not in IRAQ, but he is residing right now in the Presidential Palace in EGYPT and doing very well, thank you!  Yes, maybe he grew up in a small village in Mounofeya, but for the past 25 years has been enjoying the life style of a King, while his people have been getting poorer & poorer, hungry by the minute, unemployed & tortured to protect his golden chair.

President Mubarak, whether you like it or not, you are getting old.  You can continue to dye your hair this awful dark black color, fooling yourself before others, but it will catch up to you one day.  You can run, but you can't hide.  

Fellow Egyptians have had enough and they are speaking out!!

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