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Nahed Elbanhawy
Founder & Editor
The Egyptian Castle - since 1997

Mohamed Hosni MubarakMubarak GOTTA GO:   

Since the inception of this site in 1997,  we've  had a clear vision to stay away from Politics.  Entertain our viewers from around the world without entering the unknown path of politics.  

My recent trip to Egypt , which was only the fourth visit in the past 25 years, simply opened my eyes and I saw things I never knew existed or at least not to that extend.  

I have a duty to express what I saw and what I felt during my visit and tell the story to the World.  

What happened to my EGYPT and my PEOPLE, whom I often talked about with admiration, passion and love!?!  How can one person single handedly  cause so much pain & suffering to my people?  How could one person bring a whole nation to it's knees the way this President did.  

The country is at a verge of bankruptcy, while it's rulers are getting richer & more powerful.  Corruption at all levels are so obvious.  Intimidation & torture is the talk of everyone there.  

The cities look like it was invaded by soldiers.  Wherever you go, trucks loaded with soldiers with heavy weapons are parked a few feet apart.  What is the government really afraid of.  Is it the terrorists or the revolt of the people.  

Tears rushing from my eyes to express my pain for my people were the first reaction.  Helping whoever I could help was the normal destiny for me, but no matter what I tried to do, in reality I could never do enough for anyone there to relieve them from their pain.  Pain of poverty, indignity, humiliation, torture and fear.

The move towards real democracy has started.  Movements for freedom and against poverty, unemployment, and this particular government and it's President is on the marsh for a change.   The people are demonstrating in the streets, putting their fear behind them and speaking up for the first time in decades.  Enough is Enough.  The time has come and I can feel that we are at the verge of a real change.  

Fellow Egyptians are finally speaking out loud for their rights and their freedom.

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