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Nahed Elbanhawy
Founder & Editor
The Egyptian Castle - since 1997

The Land of The Pharaohs is now ruled & controlled by Thugs!!   07-30-05

Let the whole world see what  the "so called" emerging democracy in Egypt has come to!!  A protest in Cairo against Mubarak got the iron fist treatment by thugs controlled by the government.

Opposition groups were gathering to stage a demonstration in Cairo's main Liberation Square (Tahrir Square) two days after Mubarak announced he would run for re-election in a Sept. 7 vote.

Riot police blocked protesters from reaching Liberation Square, and plainclothes officers wielding police batons quickly descended on them and beat them. The scuffles lasted for about an hour, and an Associated Press reporter saw least 15 protesters being beaten.

In several places, groups of five or six men surrounded a single protester on the ground, kicking and hitting the person with batons.

Dazed and bruised protesters were thrown into nearby police vans. Black-uniformed police also joined in the assaults.

Police and government supporters chased after fleeing men and women. Men in plainclothes lifted some protesters off the ground and hauled them into trucks.

Some activists lay down briefly in front of a police van full of detained protesters but got out of the way when it began moving.

An elderly man wandered, dazed, with blood running from his scalp, while a young man staggered away with torn clothes. Other protesters wept.

Several hundred protesters appeared to be at the scene, chanting slogans against Mubarak, but precise numbers were difficult to gauge because the protesters were immediately assaulted.

Let the whole world know, the real Tyrant was not in IRAQ, but he is residing right now in the Presidential Palace in EGYPT.

President Mubarak, it's time to call it quits.

Fellow Egyptians have had enough and they are speaking out!!  

click here to view a video of a recent protest in front of "Abdeen Palace" - 07-15-05

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