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Nahed Elbanhawy
Founder & Editor
The Egyptian Castle - since 1997

Mohamed Hosni MubarakEgyptian Police Brutality:  

We've all heard about the Egyptian police abuse of power for years.  The word "Human rights" was never in their dictionary. Let alone just being humans.  I've always wondered how can a human being simply change so dramatically, once they put that police uniform on!!  It's just like they put on the DEVIL'S suit without a heart or a soul!

The horrifying stories we've all heard of through the years were only stories that could not be verified until now!  

Few videos have surfaced showing some and we can confidently say "just some" of the horrible acts of the Egyptian police.

This could never have happened unless it is a daily routine from the top down!!!      MUBARAK GOTTA GO!


Watch and weep!!!  


The following Video contains extreme violence .. We urge you to proceed with caution.  You will go through 2 warning screens before you actually reach the video, to enable you to use your own judgment.  ADULTS ONLY



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