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Egyptian Theatre: Listen to "Madresset El Moshaghebien starring Adel Emam or watch " Sayedety El Gamiela" starring Fouad El Mohandes and Shwiekar right here .. enjoy hours of fun and laughs
Belly Dancing: watch video clips of famous belly dancers, listen to a unique selection of belly dancing music .. it sure could get you dancing with it 
El Tanoura:  Find out what it really is
El Laila El Kebiera:  A classic by Salah Jahien to listen to .. sure would bring lots of memories back
Fun and games:  We've got it all for you .. cards, action, crosswords and more .. check it out and have fun
Arabic Books: 
Books To remember:  A selection of  famous Arabic books to remember
Buy Books:  A selected variety of books, video and Musicon CD's  you can purchase through The Egyptian Castle in association with
Arabic Jokes:  The Egyptian humor is right here .. listen to jokes by Hamada Soltan in real audio, or browse through other funny jokes and cartoons
Arabic Proverbs:  If you live away from Egypt, sure you'll have a smile on your face when you surf through these Arabic Proverbs.
Never Ending Story:  Did you ever want to be a writer, here is your chance .. anyone can add to our Never ending story
Magazine Rack:  Wonder how you can subscribe to certain magazines including "Egypt Today" ??  wonder no more .. just browse through the magazine rack and order your favorite magazine right here on line

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