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The performance of "El Tanoura" consists of 3 parts:  The introduction which is a demonstration of the various musicians and their instruments.  The Tanoura presentation dance, which is a warm-up of sorts introducing the dancers, and finally the Sufic Tanoura dance (Darawishes) 

-The philosophical basis for the spinning is from the Mawlawis who say that the movement in the world begins at a certain point and end at the same point, therefore the movement has to be circular. 

click here to watch a "Tanoura" performance by the "El Tanoura Troups for Cultural Heritage" which has performed this dance in over 30 countries

- When the tanoura dancer moves himself, he is like the sun and the dancers around him like the planets.  The dancer unties and removes four different skirts during the finale.  Their various roundabouts symbolize the succession of the four seasons and their anti-clockwise movement is exactly like the movement around the "Kaaba" (the holy Shrine in Mecca)

When the dancer raises his right arm up and points his left arm down, this represents the joining of earth and heaven together.  When he turns himself around, it is said that he enters a trance-like state, trying to become light and go up to heaven

To watch the video presentation, you must have Realplayer installed on your computer .. To download Realplayer  FREE click here  

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